Friday, 15 March 2013

Flowery FUNctionality

Don't you just love it when things just come together?  By 'things' I mean those tiny nuggets of an idea (which usually happens just as I'm about to drop off to sleep) that start in your creative mind which then snowball to completion, and you end up with a project which is not only pretty to look at , but also fits the practical purpose and function it was initially designed for. Well I've done just that, and it's such a sense of achievement that I'm on quite a high at the moment.


What do you think it could be?....could it be a woolly animal mask? Could it be a woolly mesh shopping bag? A woolly decoration? A vase cosy?
Nope, I think I'm just going to have to come right out and tell you because I think it's the first homespun version of it's kind that I've ever seen (please let me know if you have seen anything like this..I'd love to see it).
Ok, here goes.....its.......a.........

image of crochet dog guard

woolly flowery dog guard for the car!

image of Luna with dog guard

Did you guess right?

Well, it acts more of a deterrent really than a guard. It fits snugly over all three head rests. My dog Luna , can't jump over the seats because she's attached by her lead, but she can easily jump up and lean over the back seat to see what's going on up front, which just makes the whole thing sag in the middle (she's only done it the once). What's great about it though is she can peep through the gaps to see us and we can still see her. It beats having a black bin liner on the head rests (a prior temporary solution), which not only looked awful but just wasn't practical as it restricted my view out the back window. Definitely not recommended.
I was going to invest in a standard version like this dog guard, which fits the purpose but it's just not as colourful as mine is it? Plus there are no hooks on the ceiling of the car for it to attach to. I wished I'd timed it better though and made it in the warmer wasn't fun having to race outside to the car to check the measurements every so was freeeezing (nothing a nice hot coffee and a homemade choc chip muffin wouldn't cure).

image of yarn and snacks

This wasn't the most pleasurable thing that I've made..what with chain after monotonous chain, so glad I used super bulky acrylic yarn; it was very cheap to buy and worked on a 10mm hook so it only took a couple of nights to make the mesh part. The flowers, however,  were an absolute joy to make. I used Rico Cotton Aran and some Rico Cotton Essentials from my leftover stash. Even though the yarn can split from time to time  the gorgeous vibrant colours make up for this. The flowers are all my own design, and were so quick and simple to work out. I did intend on covering it with lots of different flowers, but then I realised it would be useless as it would restrict my view out of the rear window. So sometimes less IS more; then again this is compensated by the fact the car is decorated with flowers.......on the outside!!

image of flower stickers on car

 :-D xx


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