Monday, 10 June 2013

Yarndale Bunting

If you are into the wonderful world of crochet creations then you will probably have heard all about Yarndale over at Attic 24. When Lucy put the call out for some hooky service recently... how could I refuse!! (To be honest it was a welcome diversion from my own WIP which is taking longer than anticipated to complete-more on that later).

image of Yorkshire rose crochet bunting

Lovely, simple, sweet granny bunting. I knew I didn't have much time to dedicate to this project so I wanted to produce a few triangles that I could personalise, and hopefully I'll be able to spot them easily when I visit Yarndale in September. 
I live in  Lancashire which lies next door to Yorkshire. The Lancashire emblem is the red rose and Yorkshires is the white rose - the heraldic symbols used during the War of the Roses - which are still in use today. Thankfully that happened many, many years ago so what better way to come together and unite our passion for the good of all yarn-kind. Hurrah!!
image of yorkshire rose in close-up
Quite big and blousy, don't you think? ...a lot bigger than I was expecting to be honest, but at least I'll be able to spot it hanging there and people will be able to identify what it is... (I hope)!

image of Lancashire rose on crochet bunting

Here's my Lancashire Red Rose. I'm really pleased with how they look. I may do some more but with a solid granny border.

image of Lancashire red rose crochet bunting

Had to include this one too just for the beautiful blue sky - we've had the most glorious week of sunshine here the past week - a second Hurrah!
I had to make some more...just had to. They are SUPER addictive! This time though I wanted to make multi-coloured ones, and what better combo than rainbow colours. Such a great way of using up some acrylic yarn I purchased a few years back. On their own each colour is quite garish but once worked together they harmonize beautifully... so much so I think I'll make some birthday bunting with this colour scheme - both my girls loved them. Here they are...

image of rainbow bunting with irridescent disc embellishment
 image of rainbow coloured granny triangle                                               image of rainbow granny triangle worked in reverse order

image of rainbow triangle (colours in reverse order)
I love the iridescent discs on them - look a bit like raindrops, don't you think? They add a bit of blingy sparkle so they should be easy to spot....fingers crossed for a sunny day at Yarndale. Can't wait!! X

P.s. If you want to make the Roses the pattern can be found here.