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Crochet Beach Hut Bunting

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of crochet beach hut bunting
This picture was taken about a month ago when we were experiencing a rather wonderful, and much appreciated heatwave. Just look at that blue sky! It was the perfect day to photograph my next project - it made the perfect backdrop for my beach hut bunting don't you think? 

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of crochet beach hut buntingThis is where my bunting lives - in the kitchen, which gets the sun most of the day. It makes me smile every morning I come downstairs to make breakfast. I'm making this the place where I can hang my seasonal bunting. Last christmas I hastily made some snowflake bunting. The pattern can be found over at Matt's blog - a super talented guy. Soon I'll have to make an autumnal bunting of some sort - not quite ready to think about the change of season just yet.

(That giant plant out the window is my daughter's school project. All the children got two seeds to plant in school, and once they were plantlets they brought them home to nurture.  Only one survived - don't know why the other didn't make it - survival of the fittest I guess. It is a glorious specimen, and I will share some pics with you soon of it's magnificent progress. It's in it's final stages of life right now though and looks like it's going to seed soon. Next summer's family project will be who can grow the biggest off spring from this beauty - look forward to that!).

I came up with the idea of making beach huts sometime during the winter months, and looked online to see if there were any patterns I could follow. To my surprise there was nothing out there...I mean zilch. So I had the task of working it out for myself. It didn't take long to come up with a suitable basic shape, but Oh how I did faff with the roof! Once I'd made the first one I did them in varying sizes, and tried different ways to add a door by surface stitch crochet, chain stitch embroidery, and using felting wool. All of these turned out rather effective,  but I think my favourite are the felted ones below.

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of crochet beach huts with felted doors
 Felted doors
 Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of beach hut door surface stitch crochet  Surface stitch crochet

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of chain stitch embroidery for beach hut doors
Chain stitch embroidery

I stuck with the white beach huts with bright coloured roofs as these are my favourite combo at the moment, but wow they do come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Take a look at these beauties absolute summery colour feast for the eyes. I want to recreate them all! I will be experimenting a bit more with other different colour combinations and shapes, so will share that with you at a later date. I designed the sun too, which was a lot more complicated (more about that in the next post). Here's a close up shot...

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of crochet sun
 Beads and buttons add sparkle and interest.

I used Katia Mississippi-3 yarn which is a 4 ply cotton/acrylic blend worked on a 2.5mm hook. This is a lot finer than what I usually work with, but I didn't want my motifs to be too chunky. It's really fab yarn to work with, and the colours were perfect. So, obviously the thicker the yarn the bigger the hut. If you fancy keeping the spirit of summer alive and want to have a go then here's the pattern: 

Beach Hut Pattern: 

(written in U.K. crochet terms).

ch - chain. 
sl st - slip stitch
dc - double crochet (U.S. terms sc - single crochet).
Htr - half treble (U.S. hdc - half double crochet).  
tr - treble (U.S. dc - double crochet)

Small hut 

Start with 11 foundation ch (10 sts, 1 turning ch). 
Starting in 2nd ch from hook work 10 rows of 10 dc along. 
Always ch 1 at the end of every row before turning. * Dc decrease at start and end of rows thereafter until you end up with one stitch left on hook. Do not fasten off. Work a dc around the edges to create a neat border. Always work 3 dc in the same space in the bottom corners and 2 dc at the top of the hut. Fasten off *

Medium hut

This is slightly larger than the small hut by adding another 2 rows, so 12 rows of 10 dc in total. Work * to *


Large hut

Start with 13 foundation ch (12 sts, 1 turning ch). Continue 12 rows of 12 dc sts. Work * to *



Attach new colour with a sl st in the top right hand corner of the hut where you think the roof should start. Ch 3, picot point, dc in 3rd ch, htr in initial sl st joining space. Htr in each st around the sides of the hut. In the same st space at the top of the hut work a htr, 2 tr’s, htr then continue on working htr’s around the other side of the roof, remember to crochet over the loose ends from the beach hut. Make a last htr then ch 3, picot point, dc, sl st into same st you made the htr from. Fasten off. 

You'll need to add a door. If you don't fancy any of the methods I've mentioned previously you could always use material (stripy would look great), buttons or beads. To stiffen/block the motifs I pinned them onto a foam pad covered with an old towel then painted some PVA glue on the reverse side of the huts. Once completely dry I spaced them roughly 5 inches apart, and chained them together. If you want to do this too make sure you make a slip stitch in each of the 3 - 4 loops on the reverse side of the roof (shown with needle below) or they won't hang flat and will want to twist around when strung up. I worked three rows of double crochet, and added a button above each hut for extra decoration. Alternatively you could just stitch them onto binding or ribbon.

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of place to slip stitch roof to crochet binding

Crochet beach hut pattern and tutorial: image of beach hut bunting

It's not too late to add a touch of summery goodness to your home, shed, caravan or camper van - they are so easy and  super quick to make if you fancy having a go. If you do then I hope you enjoy making these as much as I have. X


  1. I would love instructions on how you did your sun! It is beautiful!

  2. I've just discovered your lovely blog via Ada at Vintage Sheet Addict - you are so talented! The beach but bunting is a must-make project for me, thanks for the tutorial! I have seasonal fabric bunting up most of the year, too, and I'd love to add some crochet bunting...hmmm, maybe some autumn leaves? I have some crochet leaf patterns floating around...thanks for the inspiration! Chrissie x

  3. Love the beach huts and the sun! I need bunting! We are living in one room in our basement while we build our house....I try to make it as cheery as possible and I think bunting will be the right touch!

    Cindy Bee

  4. I love your huts but the sun really sets them off. Can you share the pattern or if it is not yours where you found it?

    1. sorry! Just read your entire post and I see you created the sun and hopefully will write the pattern soon. thanks

  5. Very pretty, love the idea of keeping summer that little bit longer now winter is just around the corner

  6. your beach hut bunting is super cute - I def. wanna make it - I'll wait for your fabulous sun pattern it, thanks for sharing. Sher from

  7. this is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just found your beach hut bunting and think it is adorable, thanks for sharing


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