Monday, 16 September 2013

Cute Stuff

image of two rainbows

close up image of rainbow

Sunshine and showers = beautiful rainbows. Mother Nature's reward to us for putting up with such grotty weather of late. This one was stunning - a double bow. The colours were so vivid and intense I just couldn't resist taking some pics. Summer is taking a serious nosedive's soggy, windy and cold - blah!!

During the summer whilst frantically trying to finish this project I had to have another WIP on the go just to keep me sane. Here it is completed...

image of pink amigurumi bear

Isn't she cute! I am so pleased with how it turned out (the face looks a bit like The Pink Panther). I used my left over stash of Katia Mississippi-3 and it worked up into a nice size (started using Drops Paris but it was too bulky for this). The pattern is free and was produced by Jaimai. It has been translated into English and can be found at Sayjai's blog kandjdolls. There are lot's of adorable things here that are on my must make list. The pattern is sooo easy to follow, you don't even need a stitch marker as there is a ch 1 at the start of every round...brilliant! As long as you keep counting the stitches at the end of every round you just can't go wrong. Also, there are a few pattern corrections written further down the page so make sure you refer to those first if you fancy giving this a go.

image of reverse side of bear

I loved the way Jaimai had created the face so I wanted to keep it pretty much the same, the only difference was I made the nose with felting wool. I hadn't realised that sewing it up together at the end was an art in itself. The legs in particular were incredibly tough for me to get right - I think it took me three goes before I was perfectly happy with the way they were aligned, and OH! the ears - same as the legs it's a doddle attaching the first one, but then you have to make the other ear match the position of the other - Aahh. Got there in the end though, and I'm chuffed to bits to be able to gift this to a new baby girl.

image of pink crochet bear

I really hope she loves this bear as much as I do. I think I'm going to have to make another one to sit on my headboard.


  1. What an adorable bear! It looks amazing, well done you! I completely understand the sewing anxiety, I discovered the same when I made a bunny for my daughter. No wonky legs or ears - much tricker than it looks, huh? Chrissie x

  2. So cute! What a great pattern.
    Sarah xx


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