Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Crochet Sea Life Motifs and Lifebuoy Wreath

image of crocheted lifebuoy wreath with sea life themed motifs

You can tell by the photo above that I'm just not ready to leave the summer behind just yet even though the weather outside isn't behaving nicely. The project pictured above all started whilst I was pining for warm sunshine last winter. The seeds for this idea were planted in my brain which grew and snowballed so much that it consumed every precious spare moment I had to dedicate putting a pattern together from scratch! There were many times I wanted to ditch the whole thing in favour of easier crochet projects, but I was bitten by the bug of designing a project to call my very own. So I set to work and this was my first idea - lovely fun, summery beach huts. You can find the free written pattern on this post here

image of crocheted beach huts

Couldn't quite believe there were no beach hut motif patterns out there already. It's an easy pattern to follow- just a basic square with a triangle on top to form the main part, with a single row of crochet work to form the roof. These can be used for bunting, wall hangings, wreaths or sew them on as decoration on cushions, blankets, clothing or accessories. So super duper simple and quick to make which is an ideal beginners project if you want to start with something a bit different to the good ole granny square. My mind is still buzzing with alternative ways to achieve different looking beach huts - very cute and addictive. Alternatively you could turn them into a bird house by adding a circular door...so many possibilities.

image of crochet beach hut bunting

I couldn't just stop there as I needed other nautical themed motifs to go with my beach huts I came up with another six motifs. Here they are...

image of crochet sun with seed beads

A pretty sun.

image of crocheted sailboat on waves

A sailboat on the ripply waves complete with splashes. The sails and the mast are worked together, the hull and waves are each worked separately then sewn together at the end.

image of crocheted fishes

Cute tiny fish with mouths. (The grey one has more of a shark face for some reason and looks meaner than the blue one which has more of a dolphin smile looking up at the other - does it look like that to you or do I need to get out more?!)

image of crocheted starfish and shells

Starfish and shells. There are two patterns available for the starfish depending on the type of look you want. The one shown above is a more delicate shape and the other star fish pattern results in a more chunkier looking motif (shown below). You have the choice to make two different shaped shells - a scallop and a spiral shell.

image of a crocheted star fish

All seven motif patterns are available as a pdf download from my Ravelry page. The written pattern is aimed at the more confident intermediate/skilled crocheter as there aren't any photos to go with the instructions. 

There is also an e-book available for absolute beginners or for those who need a more comprehensive tutorial. It contains step by step instructions with plenty of photos on how to make the basic crochet stitches, how to make a foundation row, and a chain-less foundation, how to start working in the round by means of a magic loop or chain loop, how to change the shape of the work by increasing and decreasing the stitches, how to join in a new colour, work over tail ends, examples of the different ways to add detail by surface stitch crochet, chain stitch embroidery, and felting wool, how to block and stiffen the work. 

Here's another way of putting them together...

 A lovely wall hanging - now gifted to a friend for her holiday home by the sea.

If you do fancy giving this a whirl then I really hope you have as much fun as I have creating it. I'd really love to hear what you think about this project - your feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you xx


  1. Your designs are amazing! The sailboat - soooo clever! I think I'm going to make a similar wall hanging, but with the huts and perhaps some flowers - a 'Home Sweet Home' wall hanging...what do ya think? Thanks for the inspiration! Chrissie x

  2. Oh, these are LOVELY, Amanda. Drat, now I have ANOTHER thing to add to my Ravelry queue! I need more hours in the day!

  3. Hi where can I find the sailboat pattern. Thanks so much, I'm trying to do a 12 x 12 square with the sailboat as the main piece.

  4. i linked this one https://www.facebook.com/jennekevm?ref=hl

    thanks a lot greetz jenneke

  5. Completely adore this! Have just moved into my own place and can't wait to find a place for this! People who make patterns and design things are amazing!
    Thanks :)


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