Friday, 18 October 2013

A Basket Case

image of wicker basket and material
I'm in the middle of a muddle. I need help! I bought this gorgeous large basket ages ago from this lovely place... a real treasure of a find as it was so cheap. I wanted it to carry my yarn in, but needs a smooth liner to stop it snagging my stash. This is the material that I've chosen, but the problem is I'm a complete novice at sewing and just to complicate things even more...

image of dress

it's a dress. I saw this on a mannequin in a charity shop window and fell in love with the material as soon as I clapped eyes on it - so I did the decent thing and ran straight in to buy it - yey another bargain! It's handmade, has quite a cute vintage style about it...unfortunately it didn't look cute on me - made me look and feel like a right frumpy-lump...aged me by ten years. Blah! Good job really as it was meant to be thrifted - not to be worn. Love these quirky flowers...

image of flowers

The arms, neckline and waist are elasticated so I need to work out which is the easiest way to cut the material, and make use of this elastic and ties. I want the elastic to go over the top of the basket... don't want the pesky problem of the material sagging into the basket when I plop the yarn in. I've only got one chance at this and don't want to make a pig's ear of it. Is it a square peg/round hole situation do you think? 

I soooo want to get this right! I'd love to take it to my local knit and natter instead of this one which I love too but it's just not as appealing as the basket. This was bought from Aldi and is a collapsible shopping basket, has mesh pockets inside and zipped ones on the outside...very handy for bits and bobs. It's ideal - for the moment.

image of shopping basket

I've been to knit and natter group a few times and have thoroughly enjoyed it - it's in the same fab place were I bought the basket. Within the complex there is a small but beautiful haberdashery shop. They offer all different types of sewing classes (future birthday present please if you're taking a sneaky peek hubs) so I may just take a wander in there to see if they can help. Fingers crossed!

Made this ginger lemon cake today - an all time family favourite. It's perfect if you're looking for tasty, scrumptious comfort food of the sweet variety. It's so easy to make, is packed full of calories flavour and is great warmed through with ice cream or custard -  or perfect with a coffee. I don't add the stem ginger because I never buy it in. Still good though. I make this every year at Christmas (we're not too fond of the traditional Xmas cake),  I top it with thicker icing for a snowy scene effect add some Xmas iced characters on top - it looks and tastes the biz.
You can find the recipe here if you fancy giving it a whirl. 

image of homemade ginger cake
Flippin' 'eck it's Friday again folks! Before I go I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who left such lovely comments on my last post. I love sharing my creations with you, and it makes me sooo happy that you take the time to respond to let me know what you think of it. I value your feedback - a lot!!

I'm off to (another) yarny gathering on Sunday. It's called Fibre Fest, and is organised by this lovely couple. So handy for me as it's only five minutes down the road. I'll let you know next week if I buy any goodies from there.

Have a wonderful weekend me lovelies, I'm off to eat a huge slab of cake. TTFN XXX



  1. Hi Amanda I love your pretty basket and that fabric is simply gorgeous!! Personally I haven't covered a baker but if I was to I would use some simple calico first to cut out and see how it will all for best before cutting into the dress. What a great dine. Your knit group sounds like heaps of fun. I love the look of that cake. You are very welcome to link it into my Friday bake post so others can enjoy the recipe too. Enjoy your weekend and I hope you solve the basket dilemma. Xoxo

  2. Check out YouTube - a few years ago I made a lovely basket liner, and I followed a step-by-step video (sorry I can't remember the link!). Just google 'how to sew a basket liner' and see what turns up. Good luck - that fabric will look lovely under your yarn! Chrissie x

  3. Hi thank you for your message, I have also tried to upload your link, but it is not having it for some reason, Sorry!! I am not sure how to sort the problem, I have tried. I always do a Friday bake, so if you fancy joining in next week or the week after, then just link up again. Hopefully you won't have this problem again. I hope you had a good weekend and thank you for trying to link in. Happy stitching xoxo

  4. I agree with Chrissie that the best place to look is on-line. You could also try Pinterest as there are many many crafty ideas and instructions on there too, just type in the search box (you do have join though if you are not already.)
    The fabric of the dress is lovely, it will look great when its done!
    Cake looks yummy!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, glad you did as now I've found yours.
    Gill xx

  5. Dear amjaylou
    I love that fabric - it will be great as a basket liner. I am sure you'll be able to find just the tutorial you need if you do a search. It's what the internet is so good at! Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished liner...
    Best wishes


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