Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Crochet Autumn Wreath

image of willow wreath
I wasn't looking forward to the arrival of Autumn at all. We had such a blissful summer - I wanted it to go on and on. So it took me to the beginning of October before I could really accept the seasonal change and was ready to pack away my beach hut bunting and summer wreath till next year- I loved having them around so much. That was when I knew I had to fill their places with something seasonally appropriate. 

I bought this willow wreath, and another heart shaped one from millieslunashop a long time ago. They are so natural, rustic and pretty looking that I just had to have them even though I didn't have a project in mind at the time. I had intended this one to be for Christmas with natural (not crocheted) holly leaves, berries, pine-cones and ribbons.

An Autumnal wreath hadn't even entered my head - until now that is. Found this beautiful Fall wreath over at the crafty sisters blog - very pretty, very inspiring, but of course it has to have some - not too much - yarny love added.
This wreath is ideal for tying crochet work to, it was so easy and quick, plus I didn't have to crochet a jacket like I did for my polystyrene summer wreath.

image of autumnal coloured yarn

I purchased different types of yarn in varying thicknesses, but this one pictured above is my absolute favourite. It contains all the Autumn colours in just one ball which gives a lovely variegated effect in one motif - so no pesky changing of yarn colours. It's a cotton yarn and is so lovely to work with...I'd love a scarf or cowl in this, it's super-soft. I positively pounced on it when I saw it in the bargain bin in my local yarn store. Unfortunately this was the last ball left, just darn typical!

image of same crochet leaves pattern but using different yarns
These leaves were so easy to do, and when worked with varying yarn thicknesses it created a nice variety of sizes. The pattern can be found at artthreads blog. There is a lot of inspiring projects going on over there - go take a look.

I didn't want to swamp the whole wreath with crochet work...I had to show off some of it's wicker splendour. Although it's pretty easy really in choosing what Autumn motifs to adorn it with - the problem was which ones and how many, and in what arrangement. 

image of amjaylou designed autumnal motifs
But then it took even longer to create some of these as I wanted to have a go at working them out for myself. (You may have met the spider on this post). 
You can see starting from the oak leaf on the left how I experimented and tweaked the pattern each time to create a new shape.

The flower I had originally made on this post but I needed to play around with the pattern so it would lay flat. It's pretty much a basic crochet flower, but the contrasting coloured edge gives it more definition.

I did look around at patterns for the acorns, but each one made the cap separate to the nut part which meant sewing the two parts together at the end - why? They can easily be crocheted together without the need for extra work at the end - I've got the pattern there if anyone would like to use it - just leave me a comment and I'll sort it out a.s.a.p. If not I'll probably add it to my Ravelry page as a free download sometime in the not too distant future.

The pumpkins  were really easy. I'd spent so long on getting the other shapes right that I sort of threw these together a bit last minute...didn't want to spend time working out an amigurumi pattern so worked up two using different stitch combinations but both are worked in the back loops. They could also pass as tangerines too I think!

I also made crochet berries which I forgot to include in the photo.

The advantage of working on this willow wreath is that I can remove any of the items by simply untying them at the back, and can then tie on the new work. (Sorry I didn't get to add your pinecones Gayle - I'll make sure I give myself more time next year).

So here's a close up of the finished wreath...

image of crochet autumn wreath

and here is where it is going to live for the next few months...

image of crochet autumn wreath on door
I photographed this on the outside of my front door because the light was better, but it will be living on the inside so it won't be exposed to the elements. Which means I can keep it there for longer as my Christmas wreath will be on the outside as usual...two wreaths on the one door - fab! It's colourful, simple and quite elegant I think. I'm so pleased with how it's turned out.

The green oak leaves, spider and the pumpkins never made it - in this instance I felt that less was definitely more, but that's definitely not the case with my Autumnal bunting! Can't wait to share that with you soon. Ttfn xxxxx


  1. What a clever clogs! Your wreath is just beautiful - those yarns are lovely, and your arrangement is perfect. I much prefer your natural branches to those fake circles - they always tend to be overloaded with crafty bits. Your gas just the right amount of crocheted lovelies to natural branch. I am inspired to search out my own, I'm still wondering what to do with my crochet acorns! Chrissie x

  2. Such a beautiful wreath!! Well done and thanks for sharing all them inks too. I love the colours you chose and the little spider added, very sweet xoxo

  3. Oooh... now that's pretty. The only one I've seen on natural twigs, which I like both for the appearance, and because it'd be a lot quicker to make! Lovely, lovely colours.


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