Thursday, 24 October 2013


image of beach and blue skies
                                ...a beautiful bright blue sky, and warm sunshine - in October!

image of children running to the sand dune
                             ...watching my girlies running and bounding for those sandy hills.

image of sand dune
...listening to their whoops of joy in reaching the top of the sand dune, followed by their squeals of delight as they hurtle down at full pelt.

image of dog in waves on the beach
...Luna joining in with all the fun. She's so good to have around. We all love this crazy hound so much.
image of children holding shells on the beach
  ...foraging on the sand to hunt for beautiful beach bounty.

image of home made ginger biscuits
...getting home, tired but with enough energy to make a fresh batch of ginger biscuits. So quick and easy to make - and super tasty (although I add an extra tsp of ginger for more flavour). Here is the recipe if you want to try them for yourself.

Wowsers What A Day!! - loved every minute of it. We had a blast. This is the first day of the half term break for us here, and oh so glad we got out to have fun in the sun. 

image of children and dog on the sand dunes
                                                                   ...happy memories.

                               lovely family - your Mumma loves you XXXXX


  1. Oh what a beautiful day and what a gorgeous place!!! Looks like the girls had fun and I love those pretty shells. Those biccies look rather scrummy and yet again you can try and link in if you like. Let me know if you have problems again lovely. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  2. your day sounds perfect and brought back lots of lovely memories - we used to take our three daughters to Southport and they loved playing on the beach and hiding in the sand dunes - lovely biscuits x

  3. Oh how I treasure days like this! Thank you for sharing - your girls will hold those memories in their hearts. Running in the sunshine, shells, biscuits...the best stuff of life! Chrissie x


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