Thursday, 3 October 2013

Yarndale: A Grand Day Out.

image of Wallace and Gromit holding Yarndale tickets and programme

By 'eck it were grand at Yarndale! I'd arranged to go on Sunday with my mum which I'm now so glad about because sooo many had turned up on Saturday that they had to turn people away at one point and the roads into Skipton had come to a stand still (I don't think they realised how many of us yarnoholics there are out there!). So thinking it was going to be the same on Sunday we left early to make sure we didn't miss out - I needn't have worried as the whole day was a breeze. The weather was perfect. It was plain sailing all the way and we had a fabulous day. Here is some yarn eye candy for you...

image of crochet bunting at Yarndale
This is the view from the main doors.

image of crochet bunting at Yarndale
This is the view from the opposite end of the hallway - can you spot yours? This is only some of them! The rest where hanging inside the knit and natter lounge and others were hanging up outside decorating the fences, walls and trees. I was really disappointed I didn't spot mine anywhere. Oh well maybe I'll spot them at Yarndale 2014 as they're storing them away till then.
There were oodles and oodles of different types of eye-poppingly gorgeous yarns and goodies (sorry no pics). I could have spent LOTS of cash but I had to stick to a modest budget that day. Very modest unfortunately (sniff). It was lovely to see Nicola at her own stall there. I attended one of her felting workshops mentioned on this post. A very talented, enthusiastic designer. 

Next it was a visit to the knit and natter lounge for a coffee break and to see the lovely Lucy.

image of Attic 24 crochet work

I couldn't wait to take a picture of Lucy's crochet corner in the knit and natter lounge - especially of that lamp. I love it - it's bonkers. Apparently her husband absolutely hates it (as does mine!), so it's going into her studio. It was very busy in there...Lucy now you know what an A-list celebrity feels like! She didn't stop chatting (and smiling) the whole day many people wanted to say hello, me included but didn't get the chance at that point so we decided to head off into Skipton on the Yarndale bus to see her studio

image of Lucy's workstation

Isn't it lovely! Her work space is festooned with some lovely little trinkets, pictures and of course her crochet work. Tracey was there and made us both feel very welcome - I forgot to take a picture of Tracey's workspace because we were happily chatting so much. Mum bought one of her mice and angels, they are adorable. Her work is sooo beautiful. So a huge thank you to both of you for opening your studio doors so we could take a sneaky-peek around.

Want to see what goodies I bought? Course you do!

image of items bought at Yarndale
I splashed out on some luxurious yarn from Bigwigs Angora, and will be used to make this. It'll be my knit and natter project every Tuesday - probably be finished in time for the summer. This is where the yarn originates... 

image of Angora rabbits

How gorgeous! I could have taken this brown/grey one home - just look at those ears! 
Mum hasn't knitted for many, many years now and was so inspired by her day there that she bought some yarn from Bigwigs and is now knitting herself a scarf. I really do hope she will become addicted to this wonderful craft again. This was a very popular stall, every time I passed she always had a queue of people buying her yarn.

I LOVE the colours in this cotton yarn - my all time favourite colour combination is turquoise and red, here's a close up...

image of colourful cotton yarn.

Haven't decided what to make with it yet, possibly some coasters, or a little purse, or phone cosy. Mmm what d'ya think?

I finally got to say hello to Lucy around 4pm before we headed home. I think she was just about ready to collapse into her chair - she looked shattered. Well done Lucy you were a trouper! It was lovely to see you in person. 

The Yarndale team did a super job of putting the whole event together. I hope it will happen again next year. We came away happy, inspired, and with bags full of yarny goodness. Thank you for a grand day out! XXX


  1. How did I miss that recycled cotton yarn. Every post I read about Yarndale has something in it that I missed. I was so sure I had seen it all. Better luck next year eh? Nice to read all about it from someone else's point of view.

  2. You got a lovely haul, Amanda. That bobble hat is going to look gorg, methinks! I think coasters would be excellent made from that recycled cotton yarn. I didn't see that while I was there. Although I do have some upcycled sari yarn that I bought at a different show a couple of years ago, and now I'm thinking coasters would be a good way to use that yarn!

  3. The red and turquoise yarn is amazing! I can't wait to see what you make with it! And I am very jealous that you went to Yarndale and met the Grand Dame of Crochet! I swear meeting Lucy would be akin to meeting the queen...or actually even better! ;-) thanks for sharing your pics, so glad you had a fun time! Chrissie x

  4. Hi, what an event Yarndale looked to be! I live in South Africa ... a bit far to travel to attend!! I would have had to hire a private plane all to myself to bring all the wool purchase et al home again:)
    I love your blog, and will be following you. I have a very new blog .... still a greenie in blogland. I am passionate about crochet and crafting in general. Pat :)


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