Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Crochet Bobble Hat

image of luxury Angora yarn 
This is the luxury yarn I bought at Yarndale a few months ago. I couldn't resist it's super-soft charm and got very tactile with it on the day... there was plenty of squishing and stroking and debating whether to buy it or not (an eye watering £7.50 each). 

Bigwigs stall was jam packed with like-wise minded people, and the yarn was literally flying off the shelves. I've never bought yarn as expensive as this but I knew exactly what I wanted it for so I decided to part with the cash, and I'm so glad I did. I'm all for supporting small, local artisan products. You can tell this is a passion for Sarah, the rabbits looked very healthy and well cared for - just look at these Angora cuties...

image of  Angora Rabbits

Loved this dappled brown one with gorgeous tufty ears.

Want to see my first ever crocheted hat?

Here it is....

image of slouchy crochet bobble hat
Can you see how fluffy it is!? I finished this about two weeks ago. Although it would have been finished a lot sooner, but there was a bit of a problem with the pattern. I followed the pattern to the letter but it didn't slouch properly. It turned out more like a beanie hat. So I had the soul destroying job of taking it all out and started all over again. I knew the gauge wouldn't be correct because of the different yarn I was using, but the number of stitches given for the medium sized hat fitted perfectly so I just kept with that. The pattern says to crochet into the front loops for the initial band but I didn't like the effect, so I crocheted into the back loops instead which gave a better ribbed effect. Then there was the problem of the rows between the bobble rows being too short, so I crocheted two extra rows of trebles to give it the length it needed to slouch.

Once I'd sorted the initial problems out it really was an easy hat to make. It took me the best part of two nights to complete. I love it! I think it's worth every pretty penny. Don't let me put you off though - you can purchase the pattern through Ravelry or Vogueknitting. I've worn it a few times now...it's snug, soft and warm, and best of all it doesn't itch - or tickle for that matter! I did worry about this at one point though - I could see individual bunny hairs sticking out (with an added bit of straw for authenticity!). Thankfully I had enough yarn to finish it - that little ball of wool is all that's left, so I'm wondering whether to add a small pom-pom style bobble at the back. Here's a view of the back...

image of crocheted slouchy style bobble hat
I could then re-name it to my double-bobble hat or nobbly-bobbly hat or bobbly-bobble hat or bobbly bunny hat. (sorry!). 

I love my selection of hats though they are great to slap on when you're having a bad-hair day, or too- much-grey-popping through-need-to-go-the-hairdressers-day. I normally buy my hats (of which I have plenty) from T. K. Maxx. They have such a great selection of ski/snowboarders hats, but this bunny hat is my favourite by a mile. I want to make this one next from playinhookydesigns. I'll probably end up making one for each member of the family. The added bonus is it's a free pattern too...thanks so much Liz.

Looks like I'll get plenty of chances to wear it this week as we're in for a cold snap here in the U.K. Bring it on!

image of Autumn sunrise with red bushes
This was the view from my garden this morning just as the sun was rising over the hills. The bushes were glowing so much they looked like they were on fire. Stunning. Autumn certainly has the WOW factor for me this year.

I'm now working on my Christmas projects (yes you've guessed- bunting is in there somewhere!). I bought some lovely spangly yarns from a recent trip to Abakhan in Liverpool. I love this place - could easily spend hours and lots of cash there. Here's a sneaky peek of what I bought...

image of Christmas coloured yarn

I haven't bought one Christmas present yet. So much to do - so little time. I'll see you soon with a free Christmas pattern. TTFN XXXXX


  1. Your hat looks great, so annoying when you have to unpick and start again, but worth it when the result is as good as your hat is! Hope that you have fun with your lovely new yarn choices. xx

  2. I have the same feeling about Abakhan, unfortunately, it is within walking distance of my flat... i have to ration my trips. I will be moving to North Wales in the Spring and I hear the Abakhan there is even better than Liverpool! I love your glittery yarn, I can't wait to see what it turns into. I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks bunting is suitable for all year round and not just summer fairs. Good luck, have funnnn!! Sophie xx

  3. What a beautiful hat! Well worth the effort - I'd never take it off! The yarn is just gorgeous...and I'm looking forward to seeing your next bunting, you always create something wonderful! Chrissie x

  4. I love your slouchy hat. I wish I looked better in slouchy hats! Last year I crocheted about half my Christmas presents and made digital photo gifts for the other half. It was AWESOME...my favourite Christmas in a long time. Gift opening was so fun. Here's my post about it: http://flythecoopcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-crochet-christmas.html I still will make some gifts this year but I will not get to the extent I did the past two years and I'm sad about that. In 2011 I sewed FIVE quilts and a bunch of other items for Christmas. Thanks for your comment on my poinsettia crochet pattern and tutorial. I'd be thrilled to have more info about how to get it on Tangled Happy. I follow that blog but never had a pattern on there. Is there a way to submit?

  5. Loving this hat and well done for figuring it all out. It is so frustrating, I had a similar experience recently, but due to lack of time I haven't sorted it out yet. I am going to give this a try and I think it was worth spending that money as it just looks so so lovely! Now Abakhan, oh I had my first ever trip to it a few weeks ago and I almost fainted. My hubby had to drive me there and unfortunately I don't think we will be going in a hurry again as he had to wait in the car for almost an hour and a half, oh my it is filled with everything I love. So hard not to spend a fortune! Your next hat project looks like fun, enjoy!! xoxo

  6. Thanks again Amanda for your tips about "be featured!" It's so fun to make new bloggy friends.

  7. Well done you for persevering until you got it sorted - it looks fab. Good to know it doesn't itch - that's always put me off buying natural yarns for clothes.

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