Friday, 31 January 2014

Delicious Day

image of home made carrot and walnut cake
I'm taking full advantage of no school run for me today - Yey, thanks Pops! So at 9am this morning I had a happy time listening to Classic Fm in the kitchen whilst baking this, my first ever, Carrot and Walnut cake with cream cheese frosting. Another Mary Berry was so easy to make, (don't know what it tastes like yet as I'm holding off till later this afternoon). I reduced the sugar by 100g so hopefully it'll still taste good. Made another easy bread...
image of home made bread
I'll be using some of this as garlic bread to accompany a chicken linguine bake for tonight's dinner. So looking forward to that with a glass of red! 
A much awaited parcel arrived whilst I was busy baking...the timing was perfect. My girls will be so, so pleased!
image of new school shoes
Lovely smart shiny school shoes and P.E. pumps. The shoes have a very thick sole - I was getting so fed up with the soles of their other shoes wearing thin, so fingers crossed it won't happen with these. Just hope they fit.

We are experiencing the most wet, windy and gloomy of weeks with no let up it seems for the next few days.
image of rain on window
The level of light here is so low I've had to keep the lights on for most of the day. I've had to postpone doing any photographic work on my tutorial for now as I just can't find a good naturally lit spot in the house.  Fairy lights and candles at midday...who'd have thought it! 
image of home with fairy lights and candles
I'm still in my cosy fleecy leisure pj's (and no I don't sleep in them!). Feeling a little decadent and a tad naughty at the moment, but I am trying to muster up the energy for a dog walk in THAT weather later on before my tribe arrives home. There's only so much rain a 'waterproof' jacket and troos can take before it slowly eeks into your inner layers, dagnammit (or should that be dognammit?)
I think I may go and clean the bathroom and hoover seems a lot more appealing right now.
Wishing (and praying for) all of you in the South a very safe weekend as I know you've had so many flood warnings. I hope it won't be as bad as they predict. I really do. 
Take care of you.


  1. It looks like you had a very delicious day, shame none of the shoes were for you, but probably not your style! Hope that you are warm and snuggly. Guess what it is doing outside down here right now - raining!! xx

  2. That cake looks delish!! Hope the girls were pleased with their shoes. It's certainly grey and dreary weather. Good for stating inside. Your home looks nice and cosy xxx

  3. Yum yum! Good food and fleecy pjs - sounds like a terrific day! Chrissie x

  4. Hope you didn't end up taking the dog for a swim! Your home looks so cosy-what a treat to return to after facing the weather! I bet that cake was nom nom nommable too!


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