Friday, 17 January 2014


image of sunny blue winter sky
A bright blue sky in mid-Winter is always very much appreciated here in the U.K. Yes...very much so!. This was taken yesterday, but it's back to the usual grey today unfortunately
My Winter garland put on it's own light show all by itself...
image of winter garland and crystal drop fairy lights producing rainbowsin the sunshine
I had a busy morning in the kitchen yesterday making bread and soup for dinner, and was so pleased with how it all turned out...
image of carrots and squash in pan for soup

image of home baked bread with poppy seeds
I made a carrot, butternut squash and coriander soup. An absolute doddle to make - I can't remember which site I got the recipe from, but they are all very similar when it comes to the list of ingredients anyway.

The bread is a basic no knead loaf - you can find out all the details and link to the recipe on this post. It's so easy to do, and the results are always brilliant. It contains no sugar or butter, and yet is packed full of flavour on it's own, but this time I added poppy seeds for extra flavour.

Did my offerings get devoured at my home do you think? - erm that would be a big fat NO! My girls loved the bread and would have devoured the lot if i hadn't taken it away. As for the soup they took one look at it grimaced at their bowls, and grouched and grumbled for the next thirty minutes. They dug their heels in and stubbornly refused to even have a little taste. Aaargh SO annoying!! So there ensued a battle of wills with threats of no pudding, and nothing else till breakfast time. Then, of course, came the usual parental tactical manoeuvre of bribery which kick started the youngest into actually picking up her spoon to dip just the edge into her soup to then give it the quickest lick you've ever seen . Her eyes lit up when she realised it was quite sweet and tasty - not at all 'vegetabley'. She ate the whole lot, but it took forever! She earned herself a piece of home-made lemon drizzle cake for pud, good girl. Not so for the eldest who never even picked her spoon up, it seems carrots are Enemy No 1 this week - she used to love carrots not so long ago. A very tedious tea-time was had by all...blah! Does this happen to you much? I'd really love to know.

I read other blogs where their family 'devour', 'relish', 'love', and 'enjoy' the meal that has been lovingly prepared for them from fresh. Not so with mine - fussy- fuss and nonsense I tell you!

Moving swiftly on as I want to share with you some of my recent projects I created over the Xmas season. I didn't make as many things as I would have liked...I'm blaming it on Breaking Bad which I mentioned in my previous post. I gave up trying to crochet and watch the programme at the same time - it was just too compelling and held my attention the whole time. So my first make was another hat (of which I have many, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra one, right?)
image of chunky crochet bobble hat
I made this in one evening. It was so easy to do, as there's a fab video tutorial that came with it. You can find the pattern here if you're interested. I've used this acrylic yarn in this project. I made a large pom-pom to sit on the top, which I also added a variegated wool to add more colour. 
(Note to self: add pom-pom makers to the shopping list! This was made using the old cardboard ring method - easy, but time consuming) 
I was going to add some flowers , but I decided against it in the end.
image of pom pom on crocheted hat
Initially I did think it was a bit too chunky, and felt a bit self-conscious when out and about in it for the first time, but now I really love's colourful, warm and really comfy to wear - I can just plop it on my head and it doesn't move around.

I had started out on my creative journey with the good intention of making practical items, and kitting the whole family out in crocheted and knitted garments, but I have been so easily steered away from this practical path in favour of all things more quirky and whimsical -  things that can be whipped up in no time which are easy on the pocket as well as my schedule have so appealed to me of late.

Now my next crochet item I made was something that I thought I would NEVER do. I've seen so many of them on t'internet, but have always wondered why you would bother using up any of your lovely cotton stash on these... until now that is.
imag eof crochet dishcloth
A dishcloth - not the most exciting thing there is out there, but certainly very practical and necessary.
image of crochet dishcloth
So it all started when I'd annoyingly forgotten to buy new sponge dishcloths when out grocery shopping. The one I had was looking and smelling awful. It came to me in a flash that I'd bought some really good quality dishcloth cotton yarn at a knock down price a long time ago. So again it was time to get on-line to check out the many patterns there were floating around. This one is from Petals to Picots and is called the Crunchy Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern. Again, this was made in an evening and was really simple to make - (although you do have to crochet into slip stitches which I really loathe to do!) It's a tad fiddly, and after a while it made my fingers ache, but still it was worth it in the end. Why hadn't I thought of making these a long time ago!?

I still wouldn't use my precious coloured cotton stash to make these, but I will be making a lot more of these in varying patterns. Another good thing about them is that they are machine washable, and will last a lot longer, and are more cost effective than the supermarket ones. 

I would really like to complete some larger scale crochet projects this year. I have my own design in my head for a blanket which I'm really excited about. Plus some other smaller projects too. I can't wait to get started. Here's a sneeky peek of what I've been creating lately...
image of crochet cotton yarn with peek at current projectNo it's not a lace collar or some sort of 'doily' edging. There are lots of this 'kind' of project around but just not using this type of pattern which I have in mind. It's driving me a little nuts because I can see it in my minds eye but it's so hard translating it into a pattern that works and looks the way that I want it to. I'm enjoying the challenge!

So until next time, take care of you. Enjoy your weekend. XX


  1. Sorry that your soup wasn't the winner you would have liked - at least your bread turned out looking lovely and was well received. Mine came out looking like a pancake!! Lovely crochet! Looking forward to seeing more. xx

  2. Can't wait to see what becomes of your crochet - what it will be. Love looking around at life at your house, so far away but as close as my computer screen. : )

  3. So many lovely things in the post even if the soup wasn't what you hoped for. The dishcloth looks great and I am going to try this pattern, so thank you. I was looking for a new pattern as I have tried a few, but none that I really LOVE! Pretty hat and love the look of that collar. Enjoy your week xoxo

  4. Tut tut - it must be so frustrating when your girls turn their nose up at the results of your hard work. Sometimes children just make up their own mind about something and will NOT be swerved. Lovely hat - looks very cosy. I knitted myself one with rabbit ears, but I only wear it when I'm walking with other adults otherwise I feel too self-conscious! I may try a knitted/crocheted dishcloth - someone was making one at knit and natter the other day and now I've seen yours. Do you have to use dishcloth yarn, or will any cotton yarn do?


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