Friday, 10 January 2014

A Bright New Year

image of crocheted star
It  does feel good to be back to the hustle and bustle of my normal everyday routine. I've been hibernating lately, so I'm crawling out of my cosy corner to say hello to you all and how I thoroughly enjoyed taking a peek at your wonderfully festive decorated homes, and hand made goodies. We had a really fun Xmas spent with the family followed by lots of lazy go-slow kind of bliss!

I did manage to crochet a few things during this time, but not as much as I would have liked because we've just recently finished watching the full five seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix (glad we did it this way as there are no commercial breaks and weeks of waiting for the next episode). I'd never even heard of it before Xmas, but it's THE best TV series I've seen in a long time (knocks the frilly pants off productions like Downton Abbey - sorry to those fans, but I think this is a far superior production). The production, direction, script writing and the acting is AMAZING!! It's no wonder it has a five star rating and has many awards and nominations. As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't recommend it enough.

I took my decorations down on the very last day of Christmas...wasn't so eager to see them go this year. However there is a touch of festive sparkle leftover...
image of fairy lights and colourful crocheted stars for a Winter Garland
As I just don't have the time to make Winter bunting from scratch, this was such an ideal way of creating a quick and easy sparkly colourful Winter garland. The mixture of colour teamed with the fairy lights add a brightness and warmth to my kitchen on these dull, dreary mid-winter days and long chilly nights, (also it was a very lazy time-saving way of not having to crochet a chain garland for the stars to hang from!). The fluffy sequinned yarn was added to give a snowy border and extra sparkle to the motif.  
image of fairy lights with colourful crocheted stars for a winter  garland
Each star was simply tied on to every alternate crystal drop fairy light (these are the lights from the girls' pink Xmas tree) so that each motif would be lit from behind. I love these motifs and they're from this very nice book on the far left...
Image of three crafting books from the library
This wonderful threesome are from my local library, and I'll be hanging on to them for some time yet! They are jam packed full of fun and lovely things to create. Don't you just love libraries!! 

image of natural Winter wreath
I haven't had the time to create a Winter wreath from scratch, besides I really want to move onto new projects, so I made do with this lovely wreath which I received last year from our close friends. Its from The White Company, and is beautifully made with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and large pieces of pot pourri of some sort - it smells wonderful. I did think of adding something crocheted to it, but in the end I settled on these...
image of natural wreath with fairy lights
YEY - more fairy lights! This looks so nice, just wished I'd done this a year ago. All the lights are switched on once I get in from the school run (around 3.45). They make the house look so cosy and inviting. I think these lights will be staying around for the best part of the year, I love them too much to think of packing them away at all.

I'm off to catch up with you good crafting people to see what you've been up to lately.  I'll be back again soon to share a few more holiday season makes with you. Until then, take care of you XX



  1. I agree the need for lights to stay up after the festive decorations are put away - especially when the weather is so dull recently having that little sparkle helps lift the mood x

  2. Your garland is so pretty, I love the fluffy edges to the stars!! Hope you are feeling starry and fluffy too! xx

  3. Love your garland with its sparkly look xx
    pat - sunshine and a sewing basket xx

  4. Love the garland! The fluffy edging is simply perfect - you could publish an entire book of fun garlands! Chrissie x

  5. Hello lovely and happy new year to you! I so agree, we definitely need lights up way into spring and then they can come down. To be honest mine are up all year round and I like it that way. I love your gorgeous star garland, it looks so pretty. xoxo

  6. Hi Amanda - thanks for all your lovely comments on my recent blog posts... it's so fun to get feedback. Often I wonder if I am blogging to thin air! The star garland is super happy and I would never have thought to add the fluff or the fairy lights. So sweet. AND.. the window it hangs on with it's diamond sections remind me of the ones in my house - probably more common to find those in the UK, my diamond windows here in the states - originals from 1910 - are a bit more of an iconic find. Always love the spin you put on your crochet designs. Even when using a pattern you clearly make them your own. : ) Sher

  7. I saw your beach hut bunting on pinterest. Its wonderful, thanks for sharing. Im also reading the MM feathered friends. Its on the book people website for 3.99 (google free postage code too) if you cant bear to be without it! Love reading your blog, Rhiannon


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