Monday, 27 January 2014

Squelch Squerch

image of running shoes covered in mud
Mud Glorious Mud!! 
This is a picture of me at 10 o'clock this morning after my jog around the beautiful yet very wet and muddy English countryside
We've just had the most windy, rain-filled weekend so after a very cosy indoors go-slow let's stay in our pj's couple of days it was time to head on out, brave the cold, and get fit. 
Believe me -  there wasn't a single cell in my body that wanted to venture out, but I'm so glad that I did...the views are always amazing, and I can see from horizon to horizon - all 360 degrees of sky. Which I will never stop appreciating after living so long in the city.  Back then I used to run round and round the same beautiful, historic and well cared for park, but for me nothing beats being in the  wide open expanse of the great outdoors. 
We did see another couple of ladies jogging, and a man with his dog but apart from them it was just me and my dog, Luna. She really does suit her name, I suppose it should be spelt Loon-a, because she is a bit of a loon, she goes absolutely bananas across the open fields. No other dogs can catch her she's that fast. Well she is a bit of a wild mix of Collie and Saluki, and boy that girl can run! Being out here really suits her. She's choc full of character - I so love my Loopy-Lou...
image of muddy dog
Until she gets really filthy dirty, that is, Yuk! 
She's not happy here and won't look at me even though I'm calling her, because she knows what's coming next - yep a good hosing down. Moody Miss.
It was so good to get back home though. I was on a high. Running gives me such a great sense of achievement, and makes me feel so happy and chilled out  afterwards, and obviously I'm getting fitter with the added bonus of it not costing me a penny.
After showering, hoovering, general tidying and laundry duties it was midday and time for a spot of this...
image of coffee cake and crochet
...a well earned break. Ah this is more like it - a small scrumptious reward!
(The cake is home-made and is Mary Berry's Chocolate Cake, with this chocolate buttercream icing. I reduced the amount of sugar by 160g and it still tasted sweet and yummy)
See Sher I told you my running mantra is coffee, cake and crochet! It always spurs me on to keep going.
This is a sneeky peek of my latest design which I've been working on lately. I'll be writing up the pattern this week, and will hopefully be sharing it with you by the end of this week. So until then take care of you. Ttfn XX


  1. Squelch, squerch! You must be familiar with 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'! What a wonderful way to start your day - and it makes cake taste so darn deserved. I'll have to try that Mary Berry cake with your alteration - I have her recipe book. Also, wanted to let you know that there IS a silly picture of my daft rabbit hat on my blog - There. Laugh at your leisure!

  2. How lovely and positive - even though with added mud - you both seem to have a brilliant run out and that last photo with both of you in front of the fire - wonderful

  3. Yep, that sure looks as though you had a squelchy time, but a good one too!! You definitely earned that slice of cake today! xx

  4. Chocolate cake and tea, just what's needed after all that lovely fresh air!
    Pat ~ sunshine and a sewing basket ~ South Africa

  5. Oh look at that face, haha, not pleased with what is about to happen, she is lovely. I love seeing the dogs run about it is the best. - Annie


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