Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Woolly and Wobbly

image of lambs in field
The picture above was taken at the weekend from my bedroom window. We are all over the moon to have these adorable creatures as our new next door neighbours. There have been sheep in this field on and off over the four years we've lived here, but there have never been any lambs...until now. 
image of lamb in field
It was such a joy to hear the first lamb bleating outside the bathroom window a few weekends ago. We all rushed outside to take a peek - honestly you'd have thought we'd never seen a lamb before! On the last count there were twelve, and I don't think it's stopping there. They are so energetic, they run, leap, jump and spin around that it's so difficult to do a head count. To have these cute-some creatures in such close proximity makes me so, so happy and thankful for my life in the beautiful English countryside. I'm so glad I left the city life for this. Spring is definitely here at last!

This has given me a happy boost even though I haven't been very well lately, I tell you I've been sorely tested at trying to give up negativity for Lent which I mentioned in my last post. It all started with a bad head cold accompanied with an awful sore throat, followed by a bad chest, and it's still around after two weeks. Just when I think I'm over it, the next day I'll wake up feeling worse than ever. My dog walking friend said it sounds like a boomerang virus - ?? Never heard of it before, but she's been ill for five weeks...five! Crikey - I can't be doing with this. My energy level is in my boots, so haven't felt up to my regular jog. My get up and go has gone. My grey matter isn't functioning the way it should, it seems to be creating a caffuffle of some description at every opportune moment. For example, last week whilst out shopping (doing my very best to ignore said brain dysfunction) I went to withdraw some money from the cash point before going to the local yarn store. 
Do you want to know your bank balance it said?...
Yes I said.
Would you like another service?...
Yes I'd like £10 please.
Ok now here's your card. Go on take it...
Thank you kindly I murmured vaguely....and then I put my card in my purse...
I know I'm shouting but I just couldn't believe my stupidity, plus, it took a whole twenty minutes before I realised what I had done. Too late - what a numpty - I could have bought 2-3 balls of yarn with that.
Oh well at least I'd unintentionally made someone very happy that day. Very happy and smiley indeed - now there's the positive side of looking at it. (don't know how positive I could force myself to feel if it had been more than £10 though)

My brain has been and still is woolly and wobbly.

I haven't crocheted as much as I would have liked lately, but I have finally finished my own pattern for a daffodil. Want a sneaky peek? Here they are...
image of crochet daffodils on a spring mandala
...looking rather appropriate on my spring mandala. 
I really wanted to share a lot more with you but my brain is fogging over so I will go now. I will (hopefully) be back in a few days to chat again. 
Bye for now lovely people.


  1. How lovely to have some little lambs so nearby...a proper sign of spring. I like your crochet daffodils.
    Marianne x

  2. Your crochet daffodils are very sweet - well done! I adore the spring lambs too, and just as with young calves, I love to see them leaping about; it's wonderful for you to have them next door! I'm sorry about your 'brain fog' - I actually avoid those machines all the time!!! I hope you are soon feeling lots better m'dear - things can only get better! Take care of yourself, Joy xo

  3. Love your daffodils and spring lambs!! Try and think of the cashpoint episode as a random act of kindness, it might make you feel better about it!! I bet that you will never make the same mistake again and at least you remembered to take your card!! xx

  4. Hang in there! I've had those never ending viruses before, they really are soul sapping, but you will be well - and brighter - again soon! Then karma owes you £10...lovely daffodils, and sweet lambs! Chrissie x

  5. Oh hello lovely and sorry to hear you are feeling like this. I know just how dreadful this is as I have been feeling like this EVERY day for the last four and a half years without fail. Brainfog and fatigue is just so difficult to live with and so hard when you were used to being fit and well. I do hope this virus, if that is what it is shifts. Make sure to boost your body with lots of goodness and ensure to get a good EPA/DHA supplement that will really help with the brainfog. Please feel free to ask for any info if you need some with regards to supplements and food, I am always happy to help. I am sending you lots of healing light and love. PS your daffs are looking gorgeous on that pretty spring mandala. Take care of yourself xoxo

  6. Very professional looking blog! Thanks for checking out my little caravan. I adore your daffodils. I'm hoping for a Mother's Day prezzie full of flower patterns! Plenty of hints have been dropped! Enjoy the lambs, I love listening too them. In our old house we could hear but not see them. Such a lovely sound tho. Steph.


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