Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Rainbow Crochet Mandala for Mum

image of crochet mandala
Wow have I had a colourful crochet time lately! I've had so much fun playing around with the different colour combinations of yarn (Drops Paris Cotton) to make my mandalas. I've loved mixing the vibrant shades with the more subtle ones to see how it will all work out. Working on each one has been like creating a personal piece of art work every time... a little piece of happy.
image of crochet mandala using rainbow colours
My mum came to visit last Sunday, and it was while I was busy creating my Californian inspired mandala that she commented on how much she loved what I was making and loved the colour work in my vibrant Spring Mandala (above photo). So I made her the brightest most cheerful one I could come up with for Mother's Day.

I love turquoise and red together - it's just one of my favourite colour combinations, and with that orange next to it...POW! I hadn't intentionally set out to create a rainbow mandala, but with the yellow it does look quite well...rainbow-y. 

I don't quite know where she is going to put it. It's not quite in keeping with the colours of her living room, but I've just had a light bulb moment... I'm going to put it in a pure white picture frame so she can hang it on the wall! This will be the perfect way to preserve the look of the yarn and freshness of the colours...a happy colouful yarny piece of art work.
image of colourful crochet mandalas
Colour me HAPPY!!

I looked to Pinterest (again!) for some colour inspiration and found the most wonderful colour work through Melody Johnsons quilt work. She has a blog called Fibermania - her work is just eye poppingly stunning. Every one of her quilts is a masterpiece.

You can see my first two mandalas on this recent post, and my Californian inspired one on this post.
All the information about the patterns and yarn can be found there.
I had planned on this one being my last for the time being, but now I'll just have to get busy again - I want a framed mandala on my wall!!

I'll be linking up and joining the mandala party with Chrissie and Hannapat - where I'm sure you'll find many a mandala to inspire you there. 

Enjoy your weekend folks.


  1. Woo hoo! LOVE the brights! I also love the idea of framing'll have to share the results! Chrissie x

  2. Great idea to frame them, someone suggested a shadow box to me to do just that, and I am sure that it would make a beautiful piece of art for your Mum!! xx

  3. Well done amanda! I love my mandala! love the bright colours and the pattern. now need a prominent place to hang it! love Mum xxx

    1. Thanks Ma! It's been a pleasure. See you tomorrow XXX

  4. Beautiful !!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  5. Wow, these are truly stunning! What an inspiration you are Amanda :-)
    Tracey xx

  6. Such beautiful mandalas Amanda, you should be very proud of your workmanship! Joy x

  7. love your jewelled colours

  8. These are gorgeous! Love the rainbow colors.

  9. Not sure how I missed this before but it's beautiful!


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