Tuesday, 1 April 2014

California Dreamin' Crochet Mandala

image of crochet mandala using Californian inspired colours
There's a bit of a Mand-a-rama going on in blog land at the moment. To say they're addictive is an understatement! I've made two already which you can see and read all about on this recent post. This one above is my third...and I've just completed my fourth! (I've also got a half one, but had to stop as I didn't like my choice of colours). The fourth one is going to my mum - which I will show you later on in the week.

The free pattern for this fab mandala can be found over at Da's Crochet Connection blog - a lovely lady from sunny California. Although very apt, this isn't the reason for my Californian inspired mandala. This mandala will be living in California - I'll be sending this one out tomorrow to a very special lady...I just hope she likes it! 
This pattern worked out just perfect in representing all that is Californian - the greenery, the flowers, the sun, the beaches, the ocean, the lakes - all encompassed in this one piece of work.  It's a dream of mine to visit there one day, so with no photo's of my own I had to do all my research on Pinterest (which wasn't difficult as I'd already started a Californian pinterest board a few weeks earlier). Here are a few pins which have inspired my colour choice...
Seaside floral carpet, Monterey, CaliforniaThe secret stairs of LA are a little known attraction of Southern California. these beautiful abandoned stairways were used by housewives back in the day, but not just provide a beautiful backdrop and capture California's beautiful scenery and weather.
The picture on the left is the floral carpet beach at Monterey. I want to be lying there reading a book one day!!
 So the flower in the centre had to be this vibrant cerise pink with a touch of purple.
image of californian inspired crochet mandala
The yellow rows represent the sunny climate and the pointed sections are the sun's rays. The blue and turquoise wavy section represents the ocean and lakes. More dreamy pics...

 White sand beach at Carmel by the Sea
Winter Day, Lake Tahoe, California
I love Pinterest! It's very addictive and I spend far too much of my crafting time on there. A quick five minute shufty can easily turn into an hour. I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of doing this?!
While I'm on the subject  - do any of you know about the pretty beach at Fort Bragg? I was completely amazed when I saw this...
Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California. This is amazing! 
Look at all that beautiful coloured sea glass! You can find out the story behind all that glass being there on this news article.

I'll be linking up my mandala work this week with chrissie crafts and cosmos and cotton blog, where I'm pretty sure you're going to see some delights!


  1. Love your mandala! I am calling this mandala making mandalitis!! It is a new disease!! Good job that we all love it so much. I have just finished making two mandalas if you want to pop over and have a look! xx

  2. Gorgeous Mandala. I love Pinterest and can lose myself on there so easily!! Sarah xo

  3. A tropical mandala! Love it! It will certainly brighten any dull grey English day...I'll be posting the mandalong update tomorrow, I look forward to seeing your link there! Chrissie x

  4. So in love with your colours! Visiting from Chrissies Mandala Update.

  5. Hello I'm visiting too :-) Oh I do like your mandala and all the research that went into it. Isn't that sea glass beach amazing?
    I hope to pop in for another visit soon,
    Tracey xx

  6. Hello thanks for linking up on mine too!
    your mandela is a mix of delightfully fruity colours I am loving it...
    bestest daisy J x


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