Thursday, 15 May 2014

Crochet Spring Wreath

image of crochet spring wreath
I really love decorating my home with seasonal crochet items like wreaths and bunting. To me it's such a lovely way to welcome in each new season. I've already had requests from family and friends to make them a wreath for their birthday and for Christmas, which is a tad daunting time-wise, but it's such the perfect compliment - how could I refuse! 
I crocheted my Spring wreath over the Easter holidays and have been itching to share the details of it with you since then.
This is the same willow ring I used for my Autumn wreath. I just simply untied all the bits and bobs, and have tied the new ones on. This way I get to add to or change the wreath each new season to make it different each year.
image of crochet Spring wreath
 image of crochet Spring wreath; crochet daffodils and roses
The crochet daffodils are designed by myself, and you can find the free pattern on this post. The two larger daffodils are some of my early attempts whilst working out a pattern so they look a little different to the smaller ones. The flowers with the beads and the green edged one are also my own design.
image of a Camelia rose
 Isn't this a beauty! I had the most wonderful abundant display of these Camelia roses in my garden earlier on this Spring, so just had to have some of them on my wreath.
There a lot of free rose patterns out there but this is the one that really caught my eye, not only does it look like my Camelias but even when viewed from the side the detail is very pretty.
 Designed by Megan Mills it comes with easy to follow straightforward instructions - you can find the pattern here. It is made by crocheting three rows in a strip and then is finished off by rolling it in on itself and sewing it together to secure... it really is that easy! I'll be making lots more of these for my Summer wreath.
Thank you Megan!
image of crochet butterfly on crochet Spring wreath
After attempting and giving up on a number of butterfly patterns available I eventually found this one which is so simple and quick to make. This is made in three rounds, so you have the option to change the colours resulting in a pretty multicoloured butterfly. Then it's folded in half, and the body is sewn on using chain stitch which holds the whole thing together. You can find the fab photo-tutorial here.
Thank you Morgan!
 The small white blossoms are my own design, but the lovely pink blossoms written pattern can be found here. 
I love these, and would look sweet on a pretty crochet hat or bag.
Thank you Neko!

The curlicues are such a great way to add interest and to fill in gaps like the green one is doing behind the daff's - can you see it?
To make them you need to crochet a chain of your desired length and then (starting in 4th chain from hook) work 3 trebles (U.S. dc) into each chain...simple!
image of crochet Spring wreath
 The leaves pattern can be found here, and there is also a Youtube video to accompany it. You can't see much of the leaves as they're hidden behind the flowers, but this pattern produces a neat and pretty shaped leaf. It'll definitely be my go-to leaf pattern for the future.
Thank you Jenn!

I thoroughly enjoyed making this and had to stop myself from producing more bits and bobs to go on there as I wanted some of the beautiful willow left bare...maybe add tulips next year?

I'm off to finish my last FOUR (!) grannies and then it's time to add the finishing touches, so wishing you all a very happy, hopefully sunny, weekend.


  1. It is great to see your wreath and all the work that has gone into it. Good luck with the grannies! xx

    1. Thanks Amy! Good luck with your grannies too :-)

  2. I can see why family members want one :-)
    Tracey xxx

  3. Too gorgeous Amanda, I love everything about it!
    Have a great weekend :) Pat xx

  4. I so enjoy your seasonal crochet posts! This spring wreath is a beauty, I adore those daffs! Chrissie x

    1. So delighted you like it Chrissie - thank you! X

  5. very nice wreath!!!Well done!

  6. Oh your wreath is gorgeous!
    Marianne x

  7. So nice of you to say Marianne, thank you! X


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