Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hearts and Flowers Mandala for Yarndale

Yarndale mandala: hearts and flowers crochet mandala
 A few months ago, on a bit of a whim, I started crocheting some colourful mandalas to brighten up a spare few hours in my day, and as a result I very willingly joined a couple of mand-a-long groups. Four mandalas later and I'm pleasantly surprised, nay shocked, at just how keen I am to make more of these colourful pretties to adorn walls, tables, and to gift to family and friends. You can see what I've made recently here, here, and here. The timing was perfect when Lucy put the call out for those of us willing to make and donate a mandala for keen was I to jump on board!
There are some fabulous designs out there but I knew I wanted to create my own mandala that had some personal meaning within the design. I had a hearts and flowers mandala design in mind and it seemed quite a fitting contribution to produce for Lucy and the Yarndale team as a way of saying thank you for organising this fine event....I loved it last year and I'm really looking forward to Yarndale 2014.
I also wanted it to be a solid circle with no frilly border to represent the bicycle wheels of the Tour de France which will be passing through Skipton this year.
This was my first mandala to come off the hook...
Yarndale mandala: image of hearts and flowers crochet mandala
As you can see I wholeheartedly embraced the 'bright and colourful' request! I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult to spot on the day! My stash of Drops Paris cotton took care of that perfectly as the colours are very bright and very vibrant. This yarn however is quite thick but thankfully I was able to include all the rounds I initially had in mind and each mandala measured just under 8 inches...phew!!
Yarndale mandala: hearts and flowers crochet mandala for Yarndale
Yarndale mandala: hearts and flowers crochet mandala for Yarndale
This mandala design is a mish mash of some of my favourite bits of other mandalas which are already out there. My personal addition was in the form of a scaled down version of the Lancashire Red Rose which is at the centre of the mandala (I'm now settled here in lovely Lancashire with my family). You can see the larger version of the Lancashire Rose on my Yarndale bunting triangles from last year on this post. Surrounding the Lancashire Rose is the sun - it was sunny and warm during the weekend of Yarndale 2013 so fingers crossed it's the same this year. I couldn't decide which colours to use on the Maybelle flower petals so I ended up creating three...
Yarndale Mandala: Hearts and Flowers Crochet Mandala
You can find a particularly beautiful specimen called the Maybelle Flower Mandala here, and there is a well written photo tutorial accompanying it if you haven't made one yet. The hearts round had to be red of course, and the main colour for the border had to be turquoise to contrast nicely with the red (one of my favourite colour combo's). The navy coloured yarn gives the circle a good solid edge, and is also a nice contrast too, me thinks.
So which one have I chosen for Yarndale?  Can you guess?
Yarndale Mandala: hearts and flowers crochet mandala
 It's the orange one - well this is the one which stood out the most for me.
Besides my own two little Lancashire lasses have their eyes on the pink ones so I'll be putting them in a box frame for their bedrooms.
I've thoroughly enjoyed making my mandalas and I'm really looking forward to seeing my orange blossom one displayed with all the others.
Yarndale 2014 - bring it on!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the vibrant colours - and be sure to take a photo of it at Yarndale, you'll spot it for sure! Chrissie x

  2. Many thanks for the mention! I wish we could have sent more than one Mandala in to Yarndale, I could have sent a half dozen, I love making them so much!
    Pat xxx

  3. Wow, they are all lovely Amanda but as you say the orange one will really stand out. I've only just heard of Yarndale in the last couple of months...perhaps I'll get the chance to go next year. Have a wonderful time :-)
    Tracey xxx

  4. Wow - talk about colour popping! Nice one - I am yet to be captured by the mandala fever - but there is time yet!

  5. All of your mandalas look very pretty indeed! I am sure that yours will be well received and I hope that you get to go and visit it at Yarndale! xx

  6. I have done two practice ones and am just deciding which colours to use for the one I shall send off for Yarndale.Like you ,I want to be able to spot it.I did bunting for last year but never saw it.There was just soooo much!My daughter and I are going again this year but we are taking sandwiches and drinks this time.Can't wait.

  7. That's a gorgeous design, Amanda - I'm really impressed that you made it up yourself. The meaning behind it all is fabulous. I've tried a couple of designs by Zooty Owl, also designed for Yarndale, but they keep getting too big too fast so they go floppy, leaving me to frog and re-design the outer rounds. It's hard to make it lie flat, I find. How did you manage? I will look out for your Lancashire Rose when I'm there!

    1. Yes I know what you mean, I must have frogged the last round about three times before it would lie flat. I found the less stitches the better as it seemed to pull it all together to tighten the circle. I pinned mine into shape on a piece of foam then slopped on two coats of PVA, letting the first coat dry completely before adding the second. Hope this helps - good luck! X

  8. You've done a great job with them, Amanda, and I love all the planning and story behind the beautiful results! Such vibrant colours - they're almost unbelievable and will certainly stand out in the crowd! xoJoy

  9. Beautiful. Those colours are perfect together. :-)

  10. Hi Amanda! I think it's gorgeous that you go to Yarndale with a mandala crocheted using your own design - good job!:::Silvia


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