Thursday, 1 May 2014

Slowly catching up

Image of camper van tent
 A special place to make a den (lots of whispering, giggling, and secret snack eating was enjoyed in here).
image of inside camper van tent
The usual daily routine has only just resumed around here as my girls went back to school on Monday and my husband went back to work after a ten day break. We had the most happy and blissful family staycation this Easter. Lazy mornings, followed by picnics in local parks, visiting family, lots of playtime and time to do nothing but snuggle up and watch a film together was so, so lovely and we all benefited from this go-slow-go-with-the-flow type routine after such a hectic few months. It seemed to last longer than just two weeks, but how could it when it seems like April was over in a flash...just like that - whoosh, gone!

Of course I managed to pack in some crochet time during the copious amount of coffee and snack breaks we enjoyed. My autumn wreath had a more appropriate seasonal change...
image of crochet spring wreath
I love this a lot, but more on that later as I need to spend more time to give credit to the designers of these wonderful flowers and leaf patterns. I know the daffodils here have now sadly faded away but if you want to recreate and keep them around and about for a little longer then you can find my free photo-tutorial for them on my last post.

I've also been loving the grannies I am currently working on...
image of crochet granny squares
I first mentioned them on this mandala post, way back at the beginning of March. I couldn't wait to get stuck into this project but I had to stop once I'd realised the yarn wasn't suitable for this. So it has taken a lot longer than I had predicted to get to this stage, but I'm really enjoying the whole process anyway. I won't say what it's going to be...let's just say it's a vintage project and leave it at that for now.

Now it's time for me to catch up with my very much neglected house and garden, and also to catch up with you lovely people to see what you've all been up to - can't wait! Ttfn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Loving the granny square blanket, I need to get some quality crochet time but that will just have to wait a bit longer :)

  2. Hello! So nice to be visiting...lovely vintage squares, I wonder what you are making there! And I am loving the caravan, so much fun! Chrissie x

  3. Your wreath and blanket both look so pretty, your wreath is perfect for spring. Glad that you had a good Easter holiday. xx

  4. I love the tent Amanda, it's a great idea isn't it, and I'm happy to hear you and family have had such a fun relaxing time of late! Your vintage squares are looking great, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project - and your spring wreath is ever so fresh and lovely - gorgeous work! Joy x

  5. I love your wreath .. so pretty .. I love making up flowers ♥
    Have a lovely weekend
    Pat :)

  6. Your Easter break sounds like bliss. And I'm having some serious wreath envy - I got around to buying a polystyrene doughnut ring for my first wreath months ago, but I'm not getting much crafting time at the moment. Love the way your colours are harmonising in your granny square too.


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