Friday, 20 June 2014

Liebster Award: Part 2

Here are the answers to Traceys questions:-

1. What was your main reason for starting a blog? 
Mainly to connect with the lovely crafting folk out there and to share and receive inspiration from all corners of the globe. You can read more on this post:-

2. What is your favorite colour combination?  
Did you see the little heart ornament I made on the above post? It's turquoise and red for brights, and light pink and light grey for pastels.
3. Do you have a favorite herb that you couldn't be without growing in your garden or on your windowsill? 
Coriander, most definitely my favourite.
4. What tool could you not do without? 
 I hope I'm right in thinking you mean a 'crafting' tool. The obvious answer would be my crochet hooks! If you mean any other tool than a crafting tool then it would be my husbands box of small screwdrivers which are so handy to have around for those niggly must do jobs.
5. Would you rather go out or stay home in the evening. 
I'm a home-bird!
6. What would your perfect all day outing be?  
At the seaside, doesn't matter if it's walking, picnicking, lazing just so long as I'm by the coast then that's the perfect day for me!
7. Name 3 wild flowers you would be happy to see growing in your garden.  
Poppies, bluebells and corncockles.
8. What was the last magazine you bought.
Crafts Beautiful mag

9. Do you have a favourite film?  
I have so many for lots of different reasons - it's so difficult to choose just one favourite. However, the most special one that's dear to my heart is 'The Wizard Of Oz' just because I have fond memories of watching this with my mum and Grandparents when I was little and how the bright technicolour fantasy world took my breathe away. So it was a very special moment for me to watch it with my children and watch their faces light up just like mine did all those years ago... I shed a quiet tear...or two.
10. What is your favourite food? 
Anything which includes lots of fresh delicious ingredients with herbs and spices. I adore Mediterranean food, Thai, and Indian. (I love Jamie Oliver's style of cooking).
11. What will your next project be?
Crochet strawberries and roses to replace the daffs on my Spring wreath. 
Crochet hexagon cushion covers
To crochet a big blanket
Wooden chair makeover
I need to have a few projects on the go at the same time ;-D

My 11 lovely blog nominations are:-
1. The Twisted Yarn
2. Fly the Coop Crafts
3. Sunshine and a Sewing Basket
4. Chrissie Crafts
5. The Patchwork Heart
6. Live love Craft Me
7. Curly Girl Coop
8. Jenerally Speaking
9. Mixture 43
10. Winwick Mum
11. Zana's Homemade

My 11 questions:-
1. How many WIP's do you have at the moment?
2. What are they?
3. Regarding days out what would be your idea of heaven?
4. What would be your idea of hell?
5. What book are you reading at the moment?
6. What is your favourite tipple? ( can include non-alcoholic!)
7. What's been the best holiday you've been on so far?
8. What is your dream destination?
9. What would you put into Room 101?
10. Do you have a favourite TV chef?
11. What is your all-time favourite cake?

I hope my nominees enjoy this as much as I have!
Wishing you all the very best of weekends.

p.s. Oh dear I forgot to mention that the new nominees must include...
a) 11 random facts about themselves
b) answer my 11 questions
c) need to choose 11 blogs
d) think of 11 questions you'd like to ask them


  1. So fun reading more about you, Amanda! And thank you for the nomination - I'm off to check out the other blogs you've nominated! Chrissie x

    1. Thanks Chrissie! Your very welcome, and I'm really looking forward to reading your Award post. X

  2. Amanda - thanks so much for the nomination - I'm so glad to find some new blogs in your nomination list. Fun to visit these crafty and inspirational ladies. I sent you an email making sure I understand how I am supposed to respond to the questions. Look forward to learning more about the lovely bloggers I follow! Sher

  3. I think I figured out how to do this Liebster thing... hopefully I did it all correctly! Here's my post:

    1. I'm just a bit gob-smacked at how quick you posted your part of the Award! I've been over to have a look and left my comments there. Thanks for the speedy response. X

  4. So lovely to get to read a bit more about you! Good luck with those strawberries that you are planning to make, they are lots of fun to do, but you can get addicted!! xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Amy! If they look as good as your strawberry garland then I'll be very happy ;-) X

  5. Thanks for the nomination, I did one when I started blogging a few months ago, but I will also do yours as I like your questions. Great to learn about you and find some new blogs to look at. Please though could you tell me what Room 101 is? Will probably post next week.

    1. Hi Zana, Room 101 originates in George Orwell's novel 1984. It's the torture chamber
      where the people are put in to face their fears, phobias and nightmares. Here, in the UK we have a TV programme where the celebrities have the opportunity to put things they dislike/things which annoy them etc into Room 101. I'm so sorry I should have explained this to all my overseas Liebster bloggy friends.
      I'm really happy you have decided to answer my questions - looking forward to your post :-) X

  6. Thank you for the nomination! I'll certainly do it when I get a bit of time. And I have some new blogs to explore now - how exciting!

    1. I'm so glad you are happy to take part! I'm really looking forward to your post...and there's no rush Jen - in your own sweet time :-) X

  7. Hi Amanda :-) Well done for completing your award. It's been so interesting to find out a little more about you. I shall look forward to reading the blogs you have nominated as there are several that are new to me. Thanks for your message over on my blog :-) I'll go back and answer your comment
    Tracey xxx

    1. PS...sorry I didn't make the tool question clear but I enjoyed reading your two answers :-)


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