Wednesday, 24 September 2014


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Hello lovely people!
Wow what a Summer that was! We've been in desperate need of a stonkingly hot and glorious summer season here in Blighty, and this year was IT. My Summer consisted of a nice balance of lazy/busy time whilst the kidlings were here at home during their school break. We managed to get away to North Wales for a week and a half, and it was bliss...
image of Borth-Y-Gest beach
A Pina Colada  please!
We have been coming here nearly every year for the past twenty-odd years to my Father-in-Law's cottage which is situated in the foothills of Snowdon. We are so lucky and blessed to be able to go there anytime of the year - it's a very special place with so many happy memories of some of the best holidays we've ever had.
North Wales has the perfect combination of places to visit whatever the weather...mountains, hills, coves, fabulously long empty stretches of golden beaches, busy beaches with deliciously coloured beach huts, calm waters, surfing waters, rivers, forests, gardens, wildlife, steam trains, scenic views, scrumptious ice cream parlours, tea-rooms and cafes, as well as the gorgeous island of Anglesey, where I always pay a visit to the lovely Beaumaris to wander around Janet Bell's lovely art studio - couldn't resist purchasing one of her fab Bluebell prints for a friends birthday.
image of Borth-Y-Gest
This is the beautiful village of Borth-Y-Gest. A hidden gem just around the corner from Porthmadog. This view is of the small harbour with it's pretty painted houses as you enter the village, but just a short walk around the top end of the village, along Amanda Terrace (my girl's loved this) opens out to the most stunning stretch of coves with gentle waters, and spectacular views of the mountains in the distance.
It was the perfect location for a good healthy balance of lazy/busy time. It's huge boulders and rocks made the best natural playground for mini sea creature spotting, plus much raucous and giddy sand castle building/digging/burying took place here. We spent a blissful afternoon till we couldn't bear the hunger pangs any more. We'll be back next year - for sure!
image of steam train Hogwarts Express in Beddgelert
Mother Nature has also been kind in stretching the feel of Summer out into a relatively mild start to the Autumn, so the flip flops are still on which makes me very very happy.
image of VW planters
Since the girls went back to school at the beginning of September I've limited my time indoors in favour of getting my garden looking half-decent (jobs which should have been done earlier on in the year). I have painted garden furniture and railings and planted colorful winter pansies, and Daffodil bulbs like a woman possessed.

I did manage to include some crochet time just to keep a healthy balance for my soul and sanity during my time away and in between outdoor chores. And...(drum roll please)...I've made a start on a knitting project I've wanted to do for ages. It's been quite a few years since I held knitting needles in my hands - and I'm glad to say it's taken me a good week to get past the frightful 'gurning' stage every time the stitches slipped off the needles, and when they would annoyingly jam themselves into the crook of my arm. My speed and tension (that's both knitting and shoulders) have improved dramatically, and I've now bonded with those once evil needles to the point where I'm actually now quite enjoying it. Evidence to follow in my next post.

I need to get a wiggle on with some more jobs around here - it'll soon be Christmas! Sorry for the reminder but I know there are lots of you already gearing up for some festive crafting time - how do I know? Because for the simple reason the number of views on my crochet Christmas trees are increasing day by day. Goodness me you're making me feel twitchy!!

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