Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All At Sea Shawl

image of crocheted shawl
Just a quick show n tell today to reveal a recent project which I made whilst on my jollies in North Wales. This colourful creation is my first attempt at crocheting a shawl. My first shawl! And what a pleasure it was to make too. I spent many a happy moment crocheting this in the car, on the beach and of an evening during those lovely sunny days of Summer.

I first saw this shawl on the lovely Elizy Art blog, and knew instantly I wanted to make it. It was the perfect item to make with a couple of skeins of Araucania Ulmo Multy cotton yarn which I snapped up from the bargain bucket at the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate two years ago, and I've been itching to make something with it ever since.
image of Araucania yarn
I need to buy a yarn cake thingamabob-bobbin
 I legged it to the shops to buy my copy of the Simply Crochet magazine (Issue 22) so eager was I  to get my hands on the pattern and get started.
image if Simply Crochet Issue 22

image of All at sea shawl Simply crochet Issue 22
After a few initial glitches (I'm pants at following patterns) I sailed through the easy to follow pattern with ease. I wasn't able to make the last two rows, but that wasn't a major problem as it still wraps and drapes really nicely. I was really surprised at how light and comfortable it feels when wrapped around like this (my fave way to wear it)....
image of all at sea shawl
image of all at sea shawl
Not bulky at all, and not overbearingly warm to wear whatever the weather or season.
image of All at sea shawl
This is not going to be my last shawl I can guarantee you that! 
Even the left over yarn was put to good use. This is my eldest daughter's (8) first attempt at crochet...
image of foundation chain
...a very long foundation chain which she made during time spent at the cottage and on the journey home in the car.
To say that I'm proud is an understatement!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Yarndale 2014

image of Yarndale 2014
 The shiny happy crowd gathered in abundance at last weekend's second year of Yarndale...and I spent a most blissful Sunday there mooching around at my leisure. 
 Those famous triangles put on a pretty display again...
image of Yarndale bunting There were cute-some creatures to see. O how I wanted to get closer and run my fingers through that mop, and stroke those ears...
image of Alpaca
There were so many stalls of  the most heavenly luxurious hand made yarns of varying natural fibres in the most breathtaking colours and textures. Hosted by the most friendly of people who were willing to chat and answer questions. (is that too many 'most-s'? My apologies). The passion for their craft was evident and their colourful creations were an inspiration to behold.
 There also seemed to be more felting and spinning stalls there this year with lots of interesting demos taking place. 
Here are some of my favourites...
image of Jo Smith of The Spanner Works
image of Jo Smith
Lovely colorful Jo Smith of The Spanner Works

image of the natural dye studio stall

image of the natural dye studio

The most exquisite beaded shawl made with the softest gossamer like yarn...
image of knitted shawl

image of knitted shawl

image of knitwear
 O beautiful intarsia cardigan I will knit you one day. O yes I will!
image of knitwear

It was great to see so many stall holders and members of the public looking resplendent in their wacky and woolly hand made attire. Look...
image of crochet trousers
image of crochet coat
...there were many more - believe me! I just couldn't whip my camera out fast enough to snap them.
 I too wore my granny waistcoat with pride. Just had to buy this badge while I was there to pin on to it...made the perfect accessory. Yes I'm looking at you Dear Husband!
image of badge
 I lost count of how many times people stopped me to have a chat about my granny creation. One lady flew past me in a hurry stroking my shoulder as she went and apologised saying "it just had to be done". Made me giggle.
I spent the best part of Sunday happily chatting to complete strangers about all matters yarn-y great and small.
Totally enjoyable.
Half way through the day it was time to have a coffee/knit/crochet in the knit n natter 'lounge'. I stopped by to say a brief hello to Lucy (Mrs Attic 24). 
image of Lucy Attic 24
I was disappointed I didn't spot my triangles last year, so it came as a bit of a pleasant surprise to see not one - not two - but THREE of my yarny creations on her table!  Mine are the red and white roses bunting and mandala (also with the red rose in the centre).
image of bunting triangles and mandala by Amjaylou
image of display table
image of attic 24 corner
image of large suspended mandalas
It was lovely to see my work up close again, and to see all the fantastic woolly creations from so many talented crafting folk from across the globe.

I'll finish with photos of those fabulous mandalas which were displayed high up on the walkway.
image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas
image of Yarndale mandalas
Did you spot yours?