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Crochet Christmas Tree Decoration

Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of three crocheted Christmas trees
Can't believe it's time to start thinking of some festive hooky creations - where has the time gone!. At the end of each Summer and Xmas school term I like to make a little gift for my daughter's teachers...something home-made, simple and cost effective. At the end of the Summer term I made Lavender bath melts, which were a great success. This time though I wanted a crocheted Christmas creation.

I had the idea for these simple Christmas tree decorations about a month ago. They tick all the boxes - they're very quick, simple, and economical to make, and they are also small enough to go on the front of a home made Xmas card, which the teacher's can then remove and hang on their tree - a card and present in one. Ideal!

This is a great beginners project or one for the kiddies to have a go at as part of their Xmas crafts session. I'm sharing the basic pattern with you, but you can easily adapt it to suit your own needs - you could make them smaller, larger, sew two together with a little stuffing inside, or decorate in any other way you like. I chose to add some sparkly yarn to give a glistening snowy border to the tree, and some multi-coloured metallic bells for baubles.

The pattern is worked from the top point of the tree down to the base. The top section is a basic triangle shape with increases at the beginning and end of every row. Each row will increase by two stitches. Each segment of the tree has 7 rows, with a small square section at the base to represent a pot. You can use any type of yarn just remember the thicker the yarn the bigger the motif will be. It's always a good idea to count your stitches at the end of every row. There should always be an even number of stitches - if there isn't then you've probably forgotten to increase at the beginning or end of the row.  Here's the pattern...enjoy!

Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

(written in U.K. crochet terms).

ch - chain. 
sl st - slip stitch
dc - double crochet (U.S. terms sc - single crochet).

Top Section

Row 1. To begin Ch 2, work 2 dc into the 2nd ch from hook, ch 1 turn. (2)
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of first row of crochet xmas tree
                                (pull the tail end to tighten and neaten the slip knot)

Row 2. Work 2 dc into each of the dc st from previous row , ch 1 turn   (4)
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of second row worked of xmas tree

Row 3. Work 2 dc into the first st, dc, dc, 2 dc in the last st, ch 1 turn    (6)
Rows 4 - 7. Work 2 dc into the first and last sts, and a single dc in each st along the row until you have 14 sts, ch 1 turn. Work 5 sl sts along, ch 1.
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of top section of crochet tree complete

Middle Section

Row 1. Work a dc in each of the next 4 sts, ch 1 turn. (4)
Rows 2 - 7. Always work 2 dc in first and last sts, with single dc sts in between them. Each row will increase by two sts, until you end up with 16 sts on the 7th row, ch 1 turn, work 5 sl sts along, ch 1.
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of middle section of crochet xmas tree complete

Third Section

Row 1. Work a dc in the next 6 sts, ch 1 turn. (6)

Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of 2 dc increase

Rows 2 - 7 Same as the middle section work 2 dc in the first and last sts, with 1 dc worked in each st along. You will end up with 18 sts on Row 7, ch 1 turn, work 7 sl sts along, ch 1.
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of complete crochet tree, starting to work the pot/base section


*Work 1 dc into the next 4 sts, ch 1 turn*. Work * to * another 3 times. Fasten off.

Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of crocheted Xmas tree section complete

Decorative Edging

Thread six metallic balls onto the yarn, then attach the yarn to the hook with a slip knot. (I had to cut my yarn to size for this part, and thread them all the way to the end - the metallic bells kept snagging and fraying the yarn whilst they were on the thread waiting to be worked in.  I was really surprised at how much yarn I used to outline the tree. I measured the yarn from my fingers to my elbow then worked this length another eight times before I snipped the yarn - it measured about 125 inches/ 317.5 cms - so do it this way if you have the same problem).

With right side facing you make a sl st just underneath the point of the bottom section of the tree, position the first bell right up to the hook, but out of the way whilst you make a dc in next st (see below)
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of crocheted snowy like border and first bauble worked onto tree

Always work 2 dc in the same st at each corner (this is a little tricky on some of the points - just work the corner where your hook can squeeze into). Work 1 dc in each space along till you get to the turning point to start the next section of the tree (see photo below).
Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of crocheted snowy border being worked and baubles added
I found that working a sl st before starting the next section of the tree reduced the bulk of yarn between each section - it just looked better on mine. It's not exact so try this with yours and see if it makes any difference.

Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of positioning the bauble before crocheting the next stitch
The picture above shows where I've positioned the 'bauble' before making the next stitch. I found the best place to work them is just under the pointed section. If you attach them on the point of the tree they stick out horizontally from the branch, and don't dangle properly.

When you get to the top point of the tree work a dc, tr, ch 15 (for the hanging loop) sl st into top of tr to secure loop, dc all in the same stitch. (You may need to reduce or increase the amount of chains according to the thickness of your yarn for the hanging loop). Continue in the same way down for the other side of the tree. Finish with a sl st after the final bauble has been added. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of crochet xmas trees being blocked

With the wrong side facing you, pin the motif  onto a foam pad covered with an old towel. Pin and stretch each point into place, then with a brush spread some PVA glue all over the main tree and pot sections, making sure you work the glue all the way to the points to stiffen and strengthen the motif. Make sure they are completely dry before you unpin them.

Crochet Christmas tree pattern and tutorial: image of completed crochet xmas tree
You could pop them on a home-made Xmas card, decorate the Xmas tree, string them together to make a Xmas garland, or stitch one onto a stocking - just a few suggestions! I'm going to make a larger one to hang from the rear view mirror in the car which I'll share with you soon.

If you do decide to incorporate them into your own designs then I would really appreciate that you link them back to me as the original designer.

I really hope you have lots of festive fun making these. I'd love to hear your feedback on this - your comments are very much appreciated.

Have a Tree-mendous Christmas!!!


  1. You are so clever to have made these and written the pattern and everything! I really like the little snowy edge along the tree and the bell decorations. I hope that the teachers like them, I can't imagine they wouldn't! xx

  2. Amanda - these are really wonderful. Simple, cute, great tute! I featured you over here on my blog:

  3. Very nice idea, thank you for sharing this tutorial!

  4. Thank you for this pattern. I am going to try them without cutting the thread for the trim but just putting them on the thread like you do beads and slide them down the thread and then using them as needed for the tree. I may even add some beads to the main part of the tree. I will share with you when I am finished!

    1. Hi Brenda, unfortunately I couldn't thread them on and keep pushing them down as they kept snagging the sparkly bit of yarn and fraying the rest - the holes were so teeny. So I had to carefully slide each one down to the end out of the way - which was a tad laborious, but worth it. Can't wait to see them! X

    2. You might use what is called in the US a "bridge cleaner"...a small piece of nylon that's stiff and the ends are fused together leaving a loop. To clean under bridgework in your mouth you put your dental floss through the loop and insert the joined ends between the tooth and the bridge, enabling you to pull the floss through and floss that area. I also use bridge cleaners to thread the loopers on my serger. They are really quite handy.

  5. Snap! I just posted my tree decorate - but it's a lot more basic than this stunner! I love the tiers, and the snow trim is just lovely! Thanks for sharing, I'll be making these for gifts, too! Chrissie x

  6. These are fab, I really really like these, so might have to give them a go. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern with us. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  7. Love these trees! I featured your pattern this morning on Moogly: Thanks for sharing it!

  8. The trees are very beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Is there a chance of getting the yarn weight for this? I'm buying the yarn in a few days and would like to make them look as close to the photos as possible.

  10. It's fine weight yarn. For more information see this post -

    1. Thank you! I'm sure I'll find some somewhere! :)

  11. Cute and clever! Thanks for sharing!

  12. You made a very cute Christmas tree. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

  13. So gorgeous. Going to make myself a garland this year, where can you get the metallic balls from please?

    1. Thanks Ria, so glad you like them. I bought a pack of 120 bells from Baker Ross. So much cheaper than buying from the high street.
      Happy Xmas crafting!!

    2. All ordered, I've a little stack ready to go when they arrive 😊

  14. Hurrah, this is the thing which I was searching for, what a cool stuff it is!!!

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  17. I LOVE this little Christmas tree. I followed the pattern step by step and love the finished result!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing us an extremely beautiful pattern of Christmas tree. I did one christmas tree based on your guide with a little bit changing in the partern and got a very beautiful christmas tree. :x Have a nice Christmas season!!! :x :x :x (Anni)


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